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Projectleider, office manager, senior engineer

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Work experience:
2006: Siemens Nederland B.V, department CIS ENGI Oil
&Gas (Onshore and Offshore). Working on different projects:
SISOG Well (Siemens Industrial Solution for Oil & Gas) project
USFilter (Produced Water Re-Injection) projects, Natural Gas Processing

1998-2001: Moore & Stevens Consulting S.A. Dubai. United Arabic Emirates
Working on different projects including Oil&Gas as well

1993-1995 : Production geologist at Hydro-Congo. Congolese National Oil
Company. Exploration, Production, Business Management and
Marketing of Oil
Project planning, budgeting and reporting management
Performed core analysis tests, Seismic data analysis and interpretation
and Log evaluation
Co-ordinanated and controlled of geological data from multinational
Construction 2D/3D reservoir models and comparison using Integral
Production assessment and forecast, and economic evaluation based on
Collected data.

Other experiences:
President of Student Congolese Society (A.J.U.C)
Organizational skills budgeting

2003-2005: Master of Sciences at Delft University of Technology
Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Specialisation: Petroleum Engineering
Graduated project: Produced Water Re-Injection:
"The Effects of Gas on the Injectivity of Particles in Sandstone"

1996-1998: ·· Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies (D.E.A) de Sédimentologie et
Biostratigraphie.Faculté des Sciences et Techniques-Universite
Cheikh Anta Diop du Sénégal (6th year of University)
Graduated project: Reconstitution of the Western Senegalo-Mauritanian's Basin
'Etude du Tertiaiare du basin du Sénégal Ouest'
1995-1996: Maitrise es Sciences option Géologie (4th year of University)
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques- Université Nationale du Benin
1992-1993: Licence de Géologie. (3rd year of University)
Faculté des Sciences- Université Marien N'Guoabi - Congo
1988-1992: D.E.U.G de Chimie-Biologie-Geologie (2nd year of University)
Faculté des Sciences- Université Marien N'Guoabi - Congo
1987-1988: Baccalauréat- Serie D: Sciences Naturelles.
Lycée Vladimir Lénine de Dolisie-Congo (VWO)
July 2005: Companies visit: Shell, Petrovesa, Schlumberger, Halliburton, JB,
Total Sincor, weatheford, Venezuela
May 2005: Field trip in Germany
November 2003: Geology of Ardennes (Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland)
October 2003: NAM, Gas Unie, Groningen Field

Workshops and Business Courses
2004: Management and Marketing of Oil and Gas. TUDelft

Prof. Dr. P.K.Currie TUDelft.
Dr. P.L.J.Zitha TUDelft
Dr. Andrew Edwards Butter hbutter@emirates.uea
Ir. Arthur Kauffeld .Siemens.

Hobbies and interest
Sports: Football, Tennis, F1
Interests: Travelling, reading, discovering, internet